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Aloha, thank you for checking out Danya's gift!

Danya's gift is a non-profit whose goal is to bring hope, healing, and health to the families of the islands. There are many projects that we do to help. We have a partnerships with Kapiolani Medical Center with hopes to expand our connection in the future.

These are our current projects, you can check out the page for each one to find out more about them.

Celebration boxes: plastic shoe boxes filled with all the supplies and activities to brighten the day of a child in the hospital.

Bedside Organizers: a special place to store special toys, and other needs when a keiki can't get out of their hospital bed due to tubes, wires, and casts.

Stranded Family Bags: Bags filled with survival items for family members of children airlifted from the outer islands, or homeless families encountered during travels around our islands.

Caylee Couture: Bereavement gowns and outfits created from old wedding dresses and white formals.

How can I help you ask?
We would love to have you or your group join us in collecting the filler items for any of these projects, or a donation can go a long way. All gifts are tax deductable. Please contact us at danyasgift@gmail.com for more information or to schedule a donation drive.

Mahalo for checking out Danya's gift.

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