Celebration Boxes

The staff at Kapi’olani medical center guesstimate that 50 children celebrate their birthday in the Hospital each year. Kids who are hospitalized on their birthday, typically kids with long term illnesses like Cancer, may not have fancy decorations or any other fun stuff to accessorize their celebration. Boring hospital plates do not make the day special or fun. For 5 years we have put together boxes with party supplies for those kids. The Celebration boxes may also be used for celebrating other milestones as well; things like a final Chemo treatment, an especially rough week of treatment being over, or just a need for a little sunshine in their day.

In a plastic shoe box place the following new unopened items:
(required) 8 count themed plates
8-12 count themed napkins
Then fill the remainder of the box with any of the following items:
 8 cups (new in package)
Party blowers (new in package)
Party favors
Table cloths
 Small gift item (coloring book and crayons or hot wheels car, mini lego set, etc.)
Birthday card from the person who assembled the box.

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