Have you received a bag, organizer, box, or gown?

Have you received a bag, organizer, box, or gown?

If you have and are willing to share your story please send us an email at danyasgift@gmail.com or visit our facebook page and share photos, your story and rate our organization. We are always in need of family stories to share so that our donors know exactly what we are up to.

If you know of someone who has and now you would like to help, that's amazing please contact us and we will help you make that happen.

Mahalo, and hope to hear from you soon!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A little HELP needed

As you know we have been working very closely with the March of Dimes NICU family support to give basic hygiene items to families who have been transported to O'ahu from the other Hawaiian islands in the Stranded Family Bags. It's a huge undertaking and today at our board meeting we discovered that we have some more people who really need our support too. Moms who have been transported on bed rest. Sometime this means that they went to their local doctor, were told to go to the hospital for more tests and then medi-vaced over to O'ahu without ever getting to go home. You can imagine the stress this provides, plus being away from family and close friends can make a girl very lonely in those times. SO they have asked that we put together these beside organizers for every mom on bedrest at the hospital and have some filled with just boredom busters for local O'ahu moms and others for outer island moms filled with basic hygiene stuffs. Everything you get at the hospital has a price tag on it, and often moms can't afford to allow them to give them any thing extra.
So what do I need from you? Help sewing these organizers and things to fill them. I have a very simple pattern and is done as a tutorial so that even the most inexperienced sew-er can put it together. We will be needing lots of these in the coming months, so any help is greatly appreciated. If you know of others who might be interested in sewing with a purpose, please pass it on. Remember that all donations like this are tax deductable, and since federal laws are as they are, I can't asign a value for them, so you will recieve a fill in the blank in-kind donation form. If other people help you, please let me know so that they can get the letter too. There is a list inside the pattern with care package ideas for the organizer. This is not required, but if you happen to have them is great too.
The hospital has been soo impressed with the response that the stranded family bags have gotten that they basically want to do the same thing with Moms on bed rest who get transfered over. They can't have the food stuff as the hospital will provide that for them since they will be admited, but the simple nessasary items are very welcome. We have enough soap, shampoo, and lotion for quite a while but tooth brushes and paste (travel size) are always welcome additions. Also anything to stave off boredom. Things like crafting kits, i.e. cross stitch, and plastic canvas, to books and other distractions.
Again any help is great,
Organizers can be mailed to
Danya's GIft
94-548 Palai Street
Waipahu, HI 96797
To get the pattern please email me at danyasgift@gmail.com
Mahalos for all your help!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dedication Sunday!

Good morning! Today is the day we as a Church dedicate this month as a special collection month. This is the stuff we've collected all year! As I kept pulling it out of the storage boxes I could't believe how much clothing we've collected so far! After looking through everything I'd like to focus our giving for the month. The NICU still has quite a bit of clothing from past graduates, as well as the nurses finding it on clearance, so I think with this gift they will be set. They have asked us to focus on the stranded family bags. For those we will need lots of non perishable items:
  • Chef Boyardee pasta cups
  • Vienna Sausage
  • Spam
  • Bottled Water
  • Cracker packs
  • Individually wrapped candies
  • Individually wrapped cookies
  • Tooth Paste
  • Travel size Qtips
  • Travel Laundry Soap
  • Starbucks Via Coffee packets
  • Or you could give cash via the paypal button at the side of this blog, or in person.
The other area we want to focus on is our gifts to the older keiki in the hospital. We are in need of a variety of party plates, cake size, in different characters for all ages of Keiki. Small puzzle books, or new toys they could play with in their bed. The simple travel type games, or cheep dolls (Barbie, Princess, Polly Pockets or baby style dolls) We could also use small finger nail polish, single use makeup samples or any other beauty product that would help a teen undergoing Chemo feel pretty.

John delivered an awesome message on compassion, click here to listen to his message.
I can't wait to share the fun of collecting with all of you.  I know you all have the ability to amaze not only me but the hospital ladies as well. I can't wait!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

February is Comming!

For the past 2 years we have made our BIG drop off to the hospital in February. This year as a Church and program we are dedicating February as Danya's Gift Month!  We'll be having a special Dedication service on February 5th! If you live on O'ahu please consider joining us. We're looking for connections. Anyone with a business connection that might be able to help us get any of these items please contact me! I'd love for this to be our biggest drop off yet!
The Stranded family bags are still the #1 need in the Hospital, there are soo many families brought over to us from the outerislands and need these bags in a bad way. Specific things we need for the stranded family bags:
>Small packaged foods like Vienna sausages, sardines, peanut butter and crackers, etc.
>Granola or "power" bars
>Hard candies
>Small servings of canned fruit or pudding
>Plastic zip lock bag
>Napkin and spoon
>travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste
>soup with pull tab lid (or for the hospital the kind in the microwavable cup)
>Bottled Water
>Travel Sized qtips
>Mens individually wrapped Razors
>Starbucks Via Coffee packets

Preemie and Newborn clothing is how we started with Danya's gift and it's still an area of need. Any preemie and Newborn clothing items, hats, and socks.

Any birthday party items. small unopened plates, napkins, cups, and party favors. Small bed safe toys and puzzle books.

Can you help us?  We'd love for those of you readers who have connections to ask people and pass on our needs to others too. Let's make this February the best it's ever been.