Friday, March 19, 2010

Easter Collection For Kapiolani

Thank you for visiting Danya's Gift site. We are once again collecting for a donation to the sick children and babies of Kapiolani Hospital. There are several ways to give.

First to the babies:
We are collecting Sleepers, Onesies, socks, and hats in the preemie or newborn size. There are also several patterns along the right side of the site if you want to sew something special. For more information click here.

Now for all the rest of the keiki:
The hospital tries to throw a party for birthdays and other celebratory moments like the last chemo treatment. Because it's hard to make sure that every child gets a personalized party we are putting together party boxes. To find out guidelines and needs click here.

We are grateful for every gift you are able to share with us. Sometime when your child is ill these are the little things that mean soo much.

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