Saturday, August 1, 2009

Danya's First Sleeper

I was going through a box and found all of Danya's hospital bracelets and this photo taken by one of her nurses. This was the first day that they put her in clothes. They thought she looked so cute even they took photos of her for us. This is why we are collecting these sleepers. It is amazing to see your child transform from a naked and sick baby to an adorable cuddly baby. I've posted some links to sewing patterns if anyone else is feeling ambitious. I've made a few of the teeny onesies and I am hoping to find more ribbed knit to make some more. The fabric stores around here don't have much for knits, but I am determined.

To borrow the Mastercard commercial saying that has been re-used by so many people...
a stay in the NICU = $ (you don't want to know)
Preemie Sleeper = $ 7
Newborn hat = $ 8 for 3
shipping to Hawaii = $5-10
A parent seeing their baby all dressed and ready to be snuggled = PRICELESS!

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